Christy Lynne (nelsonvitz) wrote in chicksonbass,
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Saying hi.

My name is Christy Lynne. I am a singer/bass player from Central California. I joined this community a little bit ago and hope to maybe make friends with a few more bassists (the world can never have too many).

This is my bass. It is an upright from King Doublebass. It's a Slap King model and I use Rotosounds RS4000 strings. I run it through a K&K pickup and into a Kustom amp (that is, until I get the cash to buy a better one) but it does the job.

I play mostly rockabilly/country type stuff. I really like the old vintage sounds that you hear a lot on the older records from people like Elvis, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Wanda Jackson, Johnny Burnette Trio...but I like a lot of the newer stuff....bands/people you might recognize would be Stray Cats, Reverend Horton Heat, BR5-49, Dwight Yoakam. So yeah, that's me. :)
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