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Silly Pillows!

mod post!

wow, its been a while since this place has been active. i see some people have joined but only one has posted!

right now i'm searching for a bass. i sold mine 5 years ago, and i miss it so much. so i'm thinking this chrismas i'll take advantage of sales at dave phillips or guitar villa (local music store). i wish my dad would give me his retired '67 Fender Jazzmaster, since he has a 2000 Fender Fretless and a Fender Aerodyne for his gigs. eh.. anyway.

what i'm really setting my heart on is an acoustic. amps and cords can get in the way. but why are acoustics so much more than electric? i understand theres a bit more craftsmanship in an acoustic, but because it doesnt need electronics, you would think that it would be cheaper? oh well. the sexiest i've seen so far is the Michael Kelly Dragonfly. but its $700. :\

does anyone have suggestions as to acoustics that are reasonably priced, yet good quality?

on they have a Daisy Rock Pixie Series A/E for $369. its blue, with a heart shaped cutout in sky blue or powder pink. its very cute, really girly. has a bunch of others that are really neat, too.

well i guess that's it for now.
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